Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CBGB: The Birthplace Of Punk

If you consider yourself a lover of all things Punk Rock then you must know what CBGB is.

If not, let me explain. CBGB was a music club/bar in New York founded in 1973 by the nicknamed "Godfather Of Punk" Hilly Kristal, a man whose prior two bars left him bankrupt.

CBGB stands for Country, Bluegrass, and Blues, as Hilly's original idea was to make a bar that would bring back those styles of music. Hilly quickly realized that this style of progression would not be the case, as the club rapidly became the birthplace of bands like the Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, The Police, and Iggy Pop (The inventor of the stage dive). 

Hilly certainly lucked out into the right area at the right time although, as expected, was not the best financial investment maker and decided to manage the basket case'd up band The Dead Boys over the soon to be more successful bands. 

Nevertheless, after having his daughter take over the financial decisions, the infamous CBGB continued to thrive for 33 years.

Later, in 2013 Jody Sivan and Randall Miller released an amazing movie, named after the club and based upon the rocky beginning and the large success it received. Starring actors such as Alan Rickman (as Hilly Kristal), Johnny Galecki, Rupert Grint (yes, Ron Weasley), and Joey David Moore (just awesome), CBGB the movie is incredible and highly comedic, therefore I recommend it to everyone, even if you don't consider yourself a punk rocker (shame on you).

When I was living my awkward teeny-bopper years I never had much exposure to acts like Taylor Swift, KE$HA, and Lady Gaga. 
I did however, own the box set of Blondie and have Psycho Killer in my Top 10 song plays at all times. 
It only makes sense that this movie is one of my all time favourites, and, if you are Punk at heart, will be one of yours as well.

Rock on,


(P.s. The guys playing the Ramones are the absolute best)

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