Monday, May 23, 2016

Did Adele Deserve Five Billboard Awards?

So the Billboard awards happened, and as expected, Twenty One Pilots did not win nearly enough #awardage. But how could I expect these decisions to be based on good taste? *flips hair back*
Just kidding (kinda). 
Abel Tesfaye, known professionally as The Weeknd, was the King Of The Billboards this time around and pulled out the absolute most awards in comparison to everyone else, a total of 9. This was well deserved and is awesome for him, way to go man!
Althooooooouugghh (I hear your groaning, shut up for a moment), I can't say I am entirely enthusiastic with Adele earning 5 awards. I mean... really?
Not to cut up the Someone Like You superstar but I just did not feel her new album. Any of it. Not one song.
When Adele originally come out with songs like the killer Rolling In The Deep and the emotional rollercoaster that was Turning Tables, I loved her. Every song was different, powerful and sang beautifully.
But now it just feels like Adele didn't put any effort into the songs. They're completely monotone, all have the same plot (COME ON WOMAN, IT WAS ONE GUY), and there isn't much of a change in musical accompaniment throughout the album. 
The best way I can describe it was kind of, well, boring. And disappointing.
So like I said, I don't feel Adele was deserving of all these awards, especially when she had such immense competition in the nominees list. 
Regardless, the awards were pretty epic and congrats' goes out to all the artists who were nominated.
Speaking of, shout out to the Biebs' for the Top Male Artist award and to Alessia Cara for being nominated in the Top R&B Song category at only 19 years old!

Alright, I'm Audi,
(P.s. How did Twenty One Pilots not get Top Duo/Band?!)

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