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Jim Morrison AKA Mr Mojo Risin'... ...Probably Not Dead

James Douglas Morrison, born December 8th 1943, Melbourne, Florida, was the iconic frontman and lyricist of the infamous band, The Doors.

Now here's the thing, Jim Morrison died July 3rd 1971 in Le Marais France at the symbolic age of 27. Or so they claim.

My point is that I believe Jim Morrison (badly) faked his own death. There is just too much evidence against him.

Let's start with the basics, Jim was kind of batsh*t crazy.

In 1966 before performing at The Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood California, Jim had claimed to Ray Manzarek and John Densmore that he had taken "ten thousand mikes" of LSD.  (An average dosage being between 300 and 500)

Proceeding the high drug dosage claim, Morrison went on to perform, ending the set with a spontaneous haiku the band was unaware of, said as follows:

The killer woke before dawn, he put his boots on, he took a face from an ancient gallery, and he walked down the hall. He went into the room where his sister lived, and then he paid a visit to his brother. And then he walked down the hall. And he came to a door, and he looked inside. ‘Father?’Yes, son?’I want to kill you’Mother?’Yes, son?’I want to fuck you!’

Manzarek recalling the incident is quoted as saying:

"It's Oedipus, and he's retelling the story of his own mother and father, with the Oedipal-Freudian thing."

*Oedipus Complex
(The complex of emotions aroused in a young child, typically around the age of four, by an unconscious sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex and a wish to exclude the parent of the same sex.)

So he wasn't too keen on his dad and he may or may not have had a thing for his mother.

It also appeared that Morrison wasn't exactly a bright shining star right away.
Other's involved with Morrison are quoted as not being particularly amazed.

Jac Holzman, Founder of Elektra, on the first time seeing The Doors live, recalled:

"They did nothing for me."

Robby Kreiger, Guitarist for the band claiming:

"Early on, he wasn't anything great."

So, Jim, quite possibly, felt he had something to prove.

Now here's the interesting stuff.

Here are a couple of thought provoking quotes from Jim.

1) After the tragic deaths of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, at a local bar with friends, Jim Morrison was quoted as such:

"You're drinking with number three. That's right, number three."

Is he implying that he would be the third person of that time frame to pass away at the young age of 27?

2) In 1967 proceeding The Doors first gig at Bill Graham's Legendary Fillmore, Elektra executive Steve Harris had the following conversation with Morrison.

M: "I got a great idea... Let's pull a death hoax. Let's just tell everybody that I'm dead, and I'll get lost and I won't be able to be found,"
H: "There's just one problem. Nobody really knows who you are. Nobody will care."

It would seem that Jim had a slight wanting to die. Or at least, be thought of as dead.

Now, I'd like to pinpoint the key aspects to the faked death theory.

1) Why did he suddenly jet out to France three months prior to death?

2) There was no digital evidence of a body. No pictures whatsoever.

3) After finding the body, they supposedly kept him on ice for three days in his room before having a "cheap" coffin shipped to him and having a doctor go to the hotel he was staying at, and sign a death certificate. WHY AT HIS HOTEL?!

4) The manger flew out, looked at the casket, claimed he did not need to see inside, and flew back to LA with Jim's girlfriend, Pamela.

5) He would have been facing jail time if he had went back to the United States after repeatedly slurring a crowd during a performance (classy, Jim.).

6) The is no record of police investigation and there was no autopsy. He was simply pronounced as dying of "heart failure" although Morrison's own personal physician, Dr Derwin, had stated him to be "in excellent health" just before taking off to France.

7) The death certificate originally said "Douglas Morrison" and "James" was later added to it in different handwriting. Would it be possible that it wasn't his death certificate to begin with? If so, I bestow it upon myself to apologize to whoever poor Douglas Morrison is.

8) Jim had visited the cemetery he would eventually be buried at, numerous times, once just three days prior to his death. Possibly scoping the cemetery to see if there were a possibility of entry for vandals or someone who would dig up a coffin. Which in fact, the cemetery in question was and is still taken under heavy surveillance due to the resting of such persons as Oscar Wilde and Édith Paif.

9) Technically, foreigners are not legally allowed to be buried at such a burial site (the Père Lachaise Cemetery) as it is a French monument. But Morrison, a born American, was quickly buried with no questions asked.

10) The grave went unmarked for three months...

11) John Densmore stated numerous times that Jim could not possibly fit in such a small coffin.

12) ...And Ray Manzarek was quoted as saying "Jim isn't here."

13) A month leading up to his death, Jim contacted his manger in order to notify him that he would not be returning to LA and to have him sort through his financial documents.

14) After fans signed petitions to exhume Morrison's remains, as to find the cause of death, Morrison's Attorneys and parent's immediately shot it down.

15) Jim's long time girlfriend Pamela also just happened to die of a heroin overdose at age 27. Then being cremated, leaving no evidence of remains, and having her tombstone named as "Pamela Susan Morrison", regardless of the fact that they were never married.

16) Often times before a musician has died from years of drug and/or alcohol abuse they have been documented as being frail, weak, and sickly looking. Jim Morrison was just the opposite, having been heavier than he had been in recent years.

Seriously Jim? It's like you didn't even try to make your iconic death sound believable.


So you tell me, did Jim Morrison die a member of the 27 club or is he currently 72 and living on an island with Pamela Courson, trying to figure out how to google himself on an IPad?

Oh, and a quick tip for any aspiring rockstars planning to one day fake their own death:

Don't tell everyone you're going to do it.

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