Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Problem With The Weeknd

Okay, so as long as you aren't living under a rock on some remote island with no Wifi (A.K.A. Millennial Hell), you know who The Weeknd is.

The Weeknd is one of the most popular artists in the world currently, having won Favourite Male R&B/Soul artist of the year in 2015, favourite R&B/Soul album of 2015 with Beauty Behind The Madness, and repeatedly achieving Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In my opinion, The Weeknd is absolutely amazing.

Didn't think that's what I was getting to, did you?

Well you would be right, because my problem with Abel Tesfaye is that he is amazing.
He has a beautiful and soulful voice that is rather hard to come across these days, he has an interesting and unusually likeable persona, and the PBR&B/Alternative-Soul style music that accompanies his voice is chilling and more often than not, very catchy.

Now here's the problem; he lacks depth. One would believe that someone with a passionate voice such as his would also sing passionate lyrics. But he doesn't. Not once.
It seems as though every song has the same theme: "I'm kind of depressed; I like sex; you're hot; let's do it; blah blah blah". Which, when you think about it, doesn't even match the melodramatic, goosebumps-inducing music that goes along with it.

You could argue that I Can't Feel My Face isn't really about sex but in response to that, this song was mostly written by the freakishly incredible Max Martin (who I should write about soon because the dude's got some serious skills).

The closest The Weeknd ever got to something that was powerful, and not in a sexual way (well, yet to be proven anyway), was Devil May Cry, but there was still something missing. As if it wasn't really meaningful for him.

The real problem with Tesfaye is that he hasn't really let any emotions absorb into his music. He doesn't seem to have found that profound sense of musical enlightenment wherein he writes about things that actually affect his heart and soul personally. THAT is what I want from you Abel. PASSION.

Even this new band, Lukas Graham, who gave us the song 7 Years, has found something special. Their success wasn't because of the music or the voice. It became successful because the lyrics mean something for almost everyone who listens to it; because it's relatable and sad and expressive. I literally cried the first time I listened to it because it struck such a chord in me.

Now imagine a song that is lyrically powerful, preformed by the voice of Abel Tesfaye, and having that same cool as f*ck PBR&B sound.

You're crying already, aren't you?

So my irritation with him stands; I want to hear The Weeknd sing heartfelt lyrics.

Please oh please music Gods, let it happen.

Yours Often,


(Sorry for the pun)

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