Monday, May 16, 2016

Sid and Nancy: The British Punk Romeo & Juliet

Sid and Nancy. The single most destructive, violent, and pretty damn exciting couple in all of music history. I mean, how could you even argue that they aren't?

So first we have Sid. Born John Simon Ritchie and later named "The Prince of Punk", Sid was... how do you say this nicely... slightly psychotic?

Going to extreme lengths to really capture the essence of British Punk, Vicious often times would physically harm himself on stage and was in a constant drug infused state that he seemed to rather enjoy. He had the utter most severest case of what I call Psychopunkpathy.

- Psycho-Punk-Pathy
- Noun
- Pronounced: (Sie-koh-puhnk-pa-thee)
- A disorder in which the beholder exudes extreme amounts of aggression, violence, anger, drug addiction, and anarchistic style instrument playing  

And then we have Nancy. Oh Nancy. This troubled teenage girl, who you would not have guessed was scored "Superior" on an intellect test at age five and got into University at age sixteen, could never really get a grip on reality and instead took to unhealthy sources of rebellion against parents that didn't really seem to care about her life.

Always in bad situations, Nancy only found her ideal goal when she decided she would become a groupie and date a famous rockstar. That was the goal, and she didn't let it go until she had it.

After plenty of persistence and following band after band, Spungen met the Sex Pistols and attempted to hook up with... you guessed it! ...Johnny Rotten. Buuuut it just so happened that Rotten wasn't interested, and so she settled for Sid Vicious.

And well, you probably vaguely know the story after that.

Now to the movie. If you haven't seen the film adaption of the Sid and Nancy whirlwind then you most certainly should. Sid portrayed by the always amazing Gary Oldman and Nancy portrayed by Chloe Webb, this movie takes you in depth to look at just how crazy the relationship was.

When you really think about it, they were just a couple of messed up kids that didn't know what they were doing... and it's kind of devastating. They just seemed to be on their own, being raised in the wrong situations without any supervision or help... They needed somebody, just probably not each other.

I also want to say that although Nancy was always thought to be a bad person, I don't think she was.
Sometimes good people just get stuck with crappy lives.

So to end my post, regarding the inevitable and unfortunate end of Sid and Nancy, I personally think Nancy stabbed herself and that Sid was asleep during the incident. Sid was way too conked out on drugs to have even been awake and Nancy had a previous history of attempted suicide and self-harm. But watch the movie and decide for yourself how you think she really died.

And as for Sid, well, some part of me thinks Sid always wanted to go the way he did.

I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

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