Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sing Street: My New Favourite Movie

Hey again, how are you doing?

So for the last two weeks I have been begging my mother to see Sing Street in theatres with me.
If you have not heard of Sing Street then just know that I am judging you from afar.

Long story short, today I finally convinced her to come with me, and so we went along with her friend and her friends son.

Upon arriving and realizing there was absolutely no one else in the theatre room, I came to the conclusion that I was the only person in the entirety of this ginormous Cineplex that actually wanted to go see this movie and I felt somewhat concerned that I'd dragged along three people to a film nobody would like.

But I mean, really everyone? Why on earth would you turn down the chance at an award winning 80s music themed Irish comedy to watch some Marvel superheroes exploding things or the 1000th Star Wars movie, which wasn't even written by George Lucas?

Alas, although there was no one there, we proceeded to our seats, only a few minutes prior to one of the absolute greatest movies I have ever seen.

Chocked full of hilarity, awkward teen romance, and a few of the greatest 80s songs in existence, I was not left disappointed for even a split second.
From Duran Duran to The Cure to the writers own brilliant song composition, this is a movie for everyone who loves music.

Props to writer/director John Carney. I have not loved a movie maker this much since John Hughes.

And not only was the writing impeccably amazing, but the casting absolutely perfect as well. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo,  Jack Reynor, Lucy Boyton, and all the boys in the band were amazing and lovable.

Do not go through your life without seeing this movie or I will hate you.

"Maybe you're living in my world. I'm not living in yours. You're just material for my songs."

Now, I'm out of here, in a baby blue cadillac,


(P.s. Shout out to how cute Cosmo's older brother Brendon (AKA Jack Reynor) is)

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