Saturday, June 18, 2016

10 Things I Love About Sia Furler

You know Sia. The almost always faceless vocal angel behind songs like "Titanium" and "She Wolf".
She's amazing, and I think everyone in the world has a small part of them that wishes they had the same vocal range she does.

So to show my appreciation for Sia, here are 10 things I love her for.

10: She Doesn't Need To Use Her Face Or Body To Get People To Listen To Her.

Have you ever seen Sia dancing around in her bra and underwear to perform a song *cough* Britney Spears *cough* or rub a giant foam finger between her crotch while twerking against Robin Thicke *cough* Shouldn't need to tell you *cough*?

*Above: Bare faced natural beauty

9: She's Forty Years Old And Still Making Better Music Than Most 20-Somethings

Sia has been active since 1993. That's 23 years of being fabulous.

*Above: Sia circa 1993

8: She Didn't Marry A Big Celebrity To Boost Her Career

Sia has been married to film producer Erik Anders Lang since 2014 and they are absolutely adorable together.

*Above: Sia with her pretty cute husband, Erik

7: She's Constantly Making Music With David Guetta

David Guetta, a gift from the electronica Gods, has been collaborating with Sia to make powerfully heaven-like songs for years, and their partnership is just something I adore.

*Above: David Guetta with Sia (duh)

6: Her Real Name Is Sia

Her actual real-life name is Sia. It's b*d*ss in itself.

*Above: Maddie Ziegler portraying a younger Sia

5: She Is The Voice Of Trip Hop

Trip Hop, the magical combination of electronica, hip hop, and soul, would be nothing without Sia.

*Above: Sia with the classic face-covering platinum wig

4: She Has A Net Worth Of 20 Million, And Doesn't Brag About It

Unlike Drake or Justin Bieber, Sia keeps to herself and doesn't boast about her earnings.

*Above: Sia's gorgeous white mansion

3: Not Only Does She Write All Of Her Songs, But She Writes Songs For Everyone Else As Well

Apparently, the number of songs she has written for other people is 73 and counting. Including Pretty Hurts sung by Beyoncé, Passenger sung by Britney Spears, and probably about half of Christina Aguilera's songs.

*Above: Beyoncé shamelessly taking credit

2: She Loves Die Antwoord

Quoted saying "I'm just completely obsessed with Die Antwoord"

*Above: Yolanda Visser (left) and Ninja (right) of Die Antwoord

1: Her Voice. Obviously.

*Above: Sia performing live

BONUS 11: Her Appearance On James Corden's Carpool Karaoke

Keep being a superstar Sia,


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