Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bloc Party: Awesomeness

So here I am again, writing to you all about another band I like that most people are unfamiliar with. Does this make me a hipster?

Dear God, I hope not.

Bloc Party, originating in England, is of electro-pop style and consists of Kele Okereke as lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Russell Lissack as lead guitarist, Justin Harris on bass and saxophone, Louise Bartle on drums and all but Bartle play the keyboard. The keyboard is essentially the entirety of the bands music.

Now I don't exactly find Okereke's voice to be amazing. His voice is a very acquired taste, but I find it pretty raw in a good way, that I like. He stretches it in odd ways and has his own sound. Plus, it's real. Otherwise, I find the bands style very unique as well and just kind of cool all around.

I really like all of their songs, I love that every song is really different from the last one and there isn't one particular emotion all the time (I.E. Gloomy, happy, indifferent). I like everything about it, I love the lyrics, I love the electronic sound, the clear smooth vocals, and the weird uniqueness of it all.

(Hey Selena, these are what lyrics are supposed to be like, just FYI)

My favourite song so far is The Love Within, which has a pretty cool music video alongside it. It starts with a young boy dancing in a closed mall and proceeds to show multiple people doing weird dances to the music, with appearances from Kele every so often. What I really thought was cool is that the dancers aren't even technically great dancers, they're just weird and look like normal everyday people.

So there you have it, go check them out.

Revel in the weirdness,


P.s. Also check out Kele's solo album "The Boxer"

"Lord, give me grace and dancing feet
As I conquer all anxiety
The angel told me not to fear
That the power to was in me"

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  1. Hunting For Witches and I Still Remember are their best songs.

    1. They're really good songs, love them :)