Monday, June 20, 2016

Everyone Needs To Stop Bullying Kehlani

Alright, now before I start this post, I just want everyone to know that they don't need to be concerned about me going all "Chris Crocker - LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOONNEEE" on you all. (Which, if you don't know what I'm talking about, you can watch here)

But I do feel a little defensive for the singer, Kehlani.
Back on March 29th it was reported that Kehlani (Also known as Kehlani Parrish) was admitted to hospital for attempted suicide. I didn't know much about the reasons behind the attempt other than a recent breakup with NBA star boyfriend Kyrie Irving and a number of Instagram trolls insulting her, in the belief that she cheated on him after ex-boyfriend Partynextdoor posted a photo of them lying in bed holding hands, which you can see here.

Regardless, in my opinion, nobody deserves to have hundreds of people berating her over her own personal life. It's not your business and it's not my business. And I'm fairly positive Kyrie isn't counting on all of these people to send nasty comments to his girlfriend (or ex) as an act of revenge.

Alright. So that happened. A girl got social media bullied over cheating rumours and tried to kill herself. You would think people would go "hey wait a second, maybe we shouldn't b*st*rdize this girl that we don't even know because she's obviously feeling pretty bad right now". But nope. The comments have still been rapid fire. So much so that Kehlani has had to take down her Instagram account. Most likely so that she won't be facing the crazy*ss, psychotic, Kyrie Irving fans that can't leave the poor girl alone.

Honestly, how many people have to end their own lives in order to escape bullies before they stop being so horrible?

Why I'm writing about this is because I don't care who the person is, I don't care if they're famous or not, I don't care if they're nice or not, I don't even care if they cheated or not; nobody deserves to be pushed to a suicidal edge by social media bullying.

Kehlani is a person just as much as you or me, so, to all of you crazy bullies with no lives of their own,


"It's okay to not be okay
To dine in your pain
It's alright to not be alright
To each for your light
It's all good to not be all good
To feel like you shouldn't feel any better"

Stay strong Kehlani,


P.s. Kehlani is a freaking awesome singer, go check out 24/7

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