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Jake Bugg: A Cheeky Folk Rock Talent

Where do I start with Jake Bugg.

I like Jake. I truly do.

Jake also pisses me off.

First of all, if you are not familiar with the artist here is a little bio on Jake Bugg.

Full Name: Jake Edwin Kennedy Bugg
Age: 22 Years Old
Genre: Folk Rock
Based Out Of: Nottingham, England
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Slide Guitar, Piano, Harmonica
Biggest Song: Trouble Town

Up to date? Cool.

So here's what bothers me about Jake Bugg. First: he randomly got into a mild-to-moderate feud with the lead singer of Oasis (F*cking Oasis), Noel Gallagher.
While Jake Bugg accompanied the "Champagne Supernova" singer on tour, Gallagher discovered that Bugg uses a co-writer for his songs. Which I mean, basically implies you aren't actually writing anything.
As a result, Gallagher stated:

"I was f*cking heartbroken when I found out Jake Bugg uses a co-writer." and "Just join a f*cking band"

So of course, Jake Bugg stated in an interview:

"Noel's last album is pretty cr*p, though, 'innit?"

Alright, okay, not too bad. I mean, you did just insult the lead singer of arguably the most famous Beatles cover band of all time and you use people like Matt Prime (Victoria Beckham's songwriter) to write your material for you, but that's cool, we'll let that go.

Here's where I get angry. Because as everyone I know knows, Bob Dylan is my hero. Indubitably and inarguably my number one hero. I also love Neil Young with a passion (keep this in mind).
In Jake Buggs book "Jake Bugg: The Biography" (which, by the way, is kind of ridiculous Jake. Do you really think you've earned biography status yet?) Bugg repeatedly insinuates his distaste for Bob Dylan. Bob F*cking Dylan.

"People have been comparing me to Bob Dylan too. And he's amazing, don't get me wrong, but maybe a lot of people say that because they don't really know Donovan."

Dude, when people compare you to someone as influential as Bob Dylan don't argue it... *insert confused face here* Now I myself also have a deep love for Donovan, a fantastic singer and songwriter (SONGWRITER TOO JAKE), who also happens to be Scottish like myself. But is Donovan on Bob Dylan status?

"I only really like the Times They Are A-Changing Album - it's great. I remember when I first listened to it I didn't get it at all. Same with Johnny Cash, Ray Charles. It's just something that grows on you. 
"But people like Johnny Cash and Dylan, the first time I heard them I didn't really think anything of them at first and that's just something that's grown on me. The Beatles are probably my favourite band in my eyes; I always liked those even when I didn't have any interest in music." 

He 'really didn't think anything of them'. I must give Bugg credit, to casually diss Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Ray Charles in one swing takes a lot of precision and b*lls. I'll give you the brave card kid, but the musically educated one? Nope. 

"Not that I'm a great singer by any means. I think it's about songs. You don't need the best voice - Neil Young and Bob Dylan are examples of that."

*Boils in a fit of folk rock rage*

And further in the biography:

'But Jake stuck to his guns musically and chose a song that his peers were almost certain to be unfamiliar of: Catch The Wind by Donovan.' 

Okay, you have got to stop talking about Donovan as if he were the end all be all of folk music. He was incredible, but to continually insinuate "everyone is so lame because they don't know Donovan" is just ignorant. We know who he is Jake, you don't need to keep informing us. 

And finally, this is the killer. This is what bothers me the absolute most about Jake Bugg.

He's good. 

He's I-Need-This-On-My-Playlist good.

He's Oh-Em-Gee-I-Actually-Don't-Hate-This good.

Can he write songs? I'm not really sure. But the songs he has produced struck a chord with me and that bothers me to no end. It bothers me that I got legitimate chills the first time I listened to him over two years ago. His voice has that perfect Folk-Rock twang without being too folky (it makes sense. I think.). He isn't modernized by auto-tuned vocals or bad Drake-esque lyrics or Millennial Pop backing music. He can sing, he can play multiple instruments, and he's different.

He doesn't justify his music by its likeness to Justin Bieber or Zayn Malik, he justifies his music as what he's passionate about, and I think that's really f*cking cool. 

So Jake Bugg, despite your irritable cheekiness, swearing over-kill in interviews (Google it) and our differentiating opinions on influential Folk and Folk Rock musicians, I like you. 

And for anyone interested, these are my favourite songs by Jake:

Two Fingers  Slumville Sunrise  Messed Up Kids

Keep pickin' up every stitch Bugg,


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