Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kid Cudi: A Modern Rapper I Actually Like

I'm not going to lie, I loathe modern rappers with a fiery passion like no other and even the ones with the occasional good song are kept locked in a black hole of hatred in my heart, because everything else they do is plain f*cking awful.

In relation to this, even Eminem, who used to be the God of all things rap and hip hop, is dead to me. No literally; I like to think that Eminem tragically passed away years ago and this new guy is just a figure of my nightmarish imagination. How could you go from Like Toy Soldiers to Berzerk?
That just does not happen without some sort of head injury. Maybe he fell down a flight of stairs and Berzerk was the result of brain trauma?

Regardless, I'd like to talk about a rapper I actually do like.

Kid Cudi.

He doesn't sound like Big Sean or Drake or ASAP Rocky (where the hell do you even come up with that name?).

I discovered Kid Cudi while watching a movie a few years ago, a remake of Fright Night starring Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin (RIP ❤️). Just like the movie itself, the song by Kid Cudi featured in it is so. freaking. cool.

It's called No One Believes Me and it's probably the most perfect vampire-esque song you have ever heard in your life. One would think that a singer would be better for a vampire-esque song but that is not the case, apparently a rapper was necessary.

"I know that something is wrong here
I can feel it, but no one believes me
I know that something is strange here
I can sense it, but no one believes me"

I must have listened to that song on repeat for a week straight. It's like a magically evil mixture of sadness, wickedness, mystery, and well, evil. 

I then proceeded to discover a long list of other equally moody songs by Cudi and probably downloaded every single one onto my LG Eclypse (this was a while ago, and yes, they still make phones with physical keyboards)

My next favourite song was Day N Nite, which is basically the anthem for any depressive, twenty-something year old, hip hop culture infused, stoner. (Not exactly me but I have strange tastes in music so I love it).

"Cause Day 'N' Nite
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone through the Day 'N' Nite
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night
Ah Ah at nite

What I find so great about Kid Cudi is that his lyrics are so cool. He doesn't sing about having too much money or his "b*tches"; his lyrics usually come across as a well-thought out representation of inner demons that I think is really freaking awesome. 

And his voice is so wicked. It pairs so well with the lyrics and the moody beats it makes you feel like you're in a vampire movie. He doesn't need to rap as fast as he can to prove that he can rap, the pace and the vocal control is awe-worthy and I love it to death. 

The guy himself is also super cool, he doesn't come across like a d*uchebag and he doesn't dress like he's just piling on all of the expensive sh*t he can find in his closet (*ahem* Drake).

(Kid Cudi also happens to be pretty cute).

So go ahead and check it out so you can join the Lonely Vampiric Loner fanbase.


P.s. He did a song called Pillow Talk before Zayn Malik was even a singer, just sayin'

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