Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Opinion On Arctic Monkeys And Alex Turner

The short of it? I like Arctic Monkey's a lot. Actually, they're one of my favourite bands.

Buuuuut (you had to see that coming) I also find them kind of... safe. Like every song is fairly similar, mostly due to Turner's tendency to be monotone. Do I Wanna Know and R U Mine are both kind of the same, no?

When downloading songs a few years ago I was adding Arctic Monkey's songs and after downloading Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High I opted out of downloading R U Mine because I figured I might as well just listen to WYOCMWYH twice. (*crowd* Oooo burrrrn)

(It should be noted that I now have both songs because how could I call myself an Arctic Monkey's fan if I didn't?)

I really do think the band has a great thing here. The look, the sound, the voice. I like that you don't really know much about them other than they're really f*cking cool. I like that they seem to keep to themselves about their private lives and don't sell out to have a spotlight. The band has the mysterious, chill, "bad boy" vibe that automatically makes every girl want to date a member of it (mostly just Alex).

I really like Turner's voice, but I don't love it because he isn't adventurous with it. It's unique and smooth, but he doesn't take advantage of what he has. He doesn't take risks. He kind of always sounds the same; always sounds like he's in the exact same mood, which happens to be depressed, mysterious, and possibly high as a kite.

That's all cool and all, but you can only listen to a different remix of the same depressed song so many times.

That being said, he does have a naturally easy-on-the-ears, melodic sounding voice that doesn't require autotune to sound good, so I can't really be that p*ssed about him singing safe songs.

The summary is: they have mastered this aloof mystery with precision and seriousness and it's great, but I'd really love to see them take risks. Change the sound a bit, sing harder-to-do songs, maybe sing about something other than the same girl every time (I'm onto you Turner).

As a long time fan (a few years at this point, which is practically forever as a 17 year old) I now have an appreciation for every song, but not everyone will. And even a huge fan of the band would like to hear a bit of change, so, I would imagine anyway, that other people would like to hear something different too.

Love you Alex, but chill out on the identically dreary songs,



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