Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thomas Fekete And Surfer Blood

You probably don't know who Surfer Blood is, and that's okay because I didn't know until the recent news of Thomas Fekete, the lead guitarist, tragically passing of cancer at 27 years old, making him the most recent member of the infamous 27 Club.

Not knowing of the band, I immediately went to Youtube to do some research. At first I tried the song Swim but as it's too loud in the Starbucks I'm sitting in (being the cliché that I am) I couldn't hear it over the sound of Taylor Swift (shoot me now).

Next I clicked Floating Vibes and scrolled towards the comments. Every. Single. Comment. was a different rendition of "RIP Thomas Fekete" which I was surprised to find made me feel pretty sad considering I don't know anything about him.
Maybe it's my love for musicians all together or just how sad it is that a 27 year old kid passed away and all of these cult followers seem to be absolutely crushed. Either way, I felt a kind of whole in my chest. I still do.

I was also surprised at the fact that I like their stuff. (Well you had to guess that, I wouldn't be writing about them if I didn't, would I?)

I love the authenticity of it. It's got that raw feeling I like. It sounds like a bunch of twenty-something basket cases who formed a band in a garage and play at little Grunge parties in a little town in Florida. Like a band that doesn't care about making it, they're just having a great f*cking time doing their thing. And sometimes you just need that kind of feeling.

Sometimes you just need to feel like a grungey, alternative, basket-case, oh-my-god-my-parents-are-so-lame, I'm-taking-a-gap-year-to-focus-on-my-music kind of teenager and when you need to feel that way, Surfer Blood is the perfect band. Absolutely fantastic.

I also love the obvious 80's influence in their stuff. The vocals are straight out of an A-ha hit but matched with that Nirvana vibe. I love it, it's awesome. A beautiful mix of the two themes, with their own little bit of added originality. Anything with an 80's influence is awesome though, isn't it?

The music itself is beautifully performed in a stripped down way. The guitar playing by Fekete is wicked and all of the instruments together have all of the necessary music-is-my-life vibrations you need.

Every time I listen to their songs, I fall a little bit more in love with them.

Plus, the videos are fascinatingly weird, which, if you've read anything else on my blog, you'll know I love weird.

So as my final statement, I really like this band. I will definitely be adding them to my IPod and listening to them when everything in the world seems lame.

So all the time.

RIP Thomas Fekete, you were- no, are quite the guitar player, and you will live on forever through the love of your family, friends, and fans.



P.s. I'm sorry I didn't find you guys sooner

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