Thursday, June 23, 2016

Troye Sivan Ft Alessia Cara - Wild Review

I should start off by saying that I do not like this song. Neither the original nor this new take.

Although, I reeeeeeeeally wanted to. I wanted to like this song just as much as I've wanted to be a fan of Troye Sivan.

A couple months ago I discovered the Blue Neighbourhood tracks and I wasn't impressed to say the least. Later in the day I couldn't remember the sound of it for the life of me and usually that's a tell-tale sign that the song isn't all that good. You should be able to tap your feet to it for a few good hours after listening to a new song (at least I do anyway) and I wasn't blown away in the first place.

Then a few weeks ago I listened to Youth and found myself in love with the song, I really, really liked it and it actually made itself onto my IPod. And I liked Troye too. He has a very authentic appearance, very different than most other singers and he's adorably cute in a "I kind of want to go drink cocktails with you and watch chick flicks while we talk about boys" kind of way.

Then we have Alessia Cara and boy can that girl sing. I saw her concert in Brampton a few months ago and I loved it because she has such an amazing voice, although, like nearly every artist, there were some disappointments.
For starters, the crowd could have been no more than 25-35 people in what appeared to be a small Sheridan campus bar. And I was the only one who knew the lyrics to her songs. This isn't her fault exactly, but it is in a way.  I feel she would have more people coming to see her if she were more...lively? Is that the right word? or Eccentric?

It seems like nobody I mention her too knows who she is (until I start going "you know! I'm sorry, If I, Seem Un, interested" and they go "oh yeah!") because she doesn't have anything that's different. She looks like your regular teenage girl. Not sexy enough to have Britney Spears style fame and not crazy enough to have Lady Gaga style fame. Just kind of there.

I mean, she walked around a bit onstage and wasn't shy or anything, but it wasn't like watching Mutemath or Twenty One Pilots.

And another problem I noticed was that she wasn't exactly dressed for the part of "singing phenomenon".
You know how in elementary school you would hear girls say if they were famous they would walk the red carpet in sneakers and flannels? And then they would grow up a little and wear converse to prom?
Alessia Cara kind of reminded me of that. Like she was trying to keep her word or something. She was wearing sneakers, a flannel shirt, jeans, and a beanie. Trying not to be a sell out. But that's her problem (a respectable problem): she doesn't realize that the only people making it in this modern age of Millennial Pop music are the sell outs.

In 2016, only the sell outs sell out venues.

So this is where I stood on these two singers last night: Troye Sivan made that one really good song that I like and I love Alessia Cara's voice more than anything.

Wild kind of ruined them for me.

So to brush up on my Troye Sivan knowledge I started looking up live versions of him singing and found myself disappointed. Sivan is a Dream Pop singer, which I should have realized is kind of an easy way to be liked. There's no risk in it. Dream Pop is hard for anyone to dislike and it's simple to be good at, because you aren't dependant on your voice, you're dependant on the backing track.
When I listened to Sivan singing live it kind of had me cringing a little because I hoped so desperately that I would be amazed.

I wasn't.

He can't really sing all that well. He's kind of pulling a Selena Gomez in a way, by just whispering the lyrics softly and hoping nobody notices that he's out of breath after the first line and he doesn't know how to shake the chords properly. Also, his studio recordings sound nothing like his live voice.

Saddened, I went to bed and as soon as I woke up I went to youtube to find the new song. Hoping it would change my mind (again, because I really wanted to like Troye Sivan).

It did not change my mind. It got worse.

In the song Sivan sounds the same as he always does, and the echoing of his voice hit me harder than I had bothered to notice before (I have a strong distaste for echoes). So that was that.
But I had hope for Alessia, surely she would make the song sound better?


It was actually kind of irritating. Now she just sounds the same as she always does. Cara's voice never changes. It's always exactly the same, like if you made a singing robot in the year 2050. It sounds technically good, but it's not raw or different or enticing. It sounds over-rehearsed in a way, and unemotional. I wasn't hit by her voice like "dayum" or blown away by the beauty of it. It was kind of like her stage presence: just kind of there.

And why were they redoing a song in the first place? It's almost as if they had to recycle an old song in order to get the die-hard fans interested. But I would have liked to hear them do a new hit together or even mashup Troye's Wild with Alessia's Wild Things instead of weirdly adding a verse for her into his one song.
I was just listening to the song I didn't like before, alongside a quick few lines of Alessia sounding like she always does and probably always will.

This is why you probably won't be seeing their names on the Billboard again soon.

So there you have it. More hope has been destroyed.

Sadly I will still listen to my beloved Sivan and Cara songs, but I don't expect to be liking much new stuff. I'm sorry guys.

If you need me I'll be somewhere in the corner,


P.s. You can hear the song here

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