Thursday, June 30, 2016

Twenty One Pilots Gets Top 3 Spots On Billboard's Hot Rock Songs

When I opened Facebook this morning I saw one of the many Twenty One Pilots fan pages I follow had a post with the line "OMG TØP IS OFFICIALLY THE FIRST BAND TO HAVE THE FIRST THREE SPOTS ON THE BILLBOARD ROCK LIST, THEY'RE THE FIRST BAND TO DO SO SINCE 2009!!!!!!!"

Obviously, a lot of it was spelled incorrectly, because it's Facebook and apparently nobody knows how to properly differentiate between "They're" and "Their", but I didn't want you to suffer through the same pain I did, so I fixed it a little for you.

So at first I didn't know what the f*ck they thought was happening. There was NO way that Twenty One Pilots actually got all top three spots on the Rock 25, right?

Well we may freak out in enthusiastic screaming, as it is actually true. With Ride as No.1, Heathens as No.2, and Stressed Out as No.3, we have finally done it. We, the few, the proud, and the emotional, have grown so much as a fanbase that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are getting the recognition they rightfully have earned over the last few years. Well done to my people.

Not to mention, Ride has placed No.10 on the top Billboard 100, Heathens is at No.14, and Stressed Out is No.22.

You did it guys, you made it without being sell-outs, autotuners, or singing about drugs, clubbing, and women. Just being your f*cking amazing selves.

I love you guys.

Your Fren,


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