Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What I Like And Dislike About The 1975 And Matty Healy

I was in the midst of writing an entirely different post, in which The 1975 was mentioned, when I decided that they really deserve more than "a mention". This band is important to me and I must explain why.

I love them a lot. But I have been putting off writing about them for so long, because I genuinely hate saying anything bad about them.

When I first listened to The 1975 it was the song Chocolate. I think everybody discovers the band through that song because out of all the song names, Chocolate somehow just sounds like it's going to be a good one, doesn't it?

The funny thing is, I didn't like it at all. I thought they looked like they were trying to be Arctic Monkeys and sounded kind of cliché (Que. Matty singing "And you say, I'm such cli-ché"). Kind of like they were trying too hard. And in the confusion of listening to the songs musical accompaniment, I didn't really acknowledge Healy's vocals.

The funniest thing? I still don't like that song. It's one of very few songs by The 1975 that I don't listen to regularly or even have in my ITunes library.
It seems like a lot of people who are introduced to the band through it don't end up liking them. I think that it is one of their biggest problems because it doesn't accurately define them as a group. It doesn't show they're actual depth of uniqueness and likability.
It doesn't show the 80s influence or the extent of Matty's vocals or what makes them stand out to me.

Why I think this is is because Chocolate was made around the point when they kind of said "f*ck it, we need to sell out a little bit if we want to keep making this work", which I understand, because like I've said before, to make it in today's industry, sometimes you need to sell out to sell out venues. But they could have gone down a different route.

If you take a real look (or listen I should say) at the band during the beginning and how they have changed throughout the years, you will notice a quite blatant change in the genre and sound.
Personally I like almost every style they do, and it's refreshing to have such a beautiful voice sing so many different styles of songs, but at the same time, there was just something a little more whole and emotional about the earlier music. Something real. Now it almost seems like Matty has slowly been dying inside and is going a bit numb trying to keep up with what sells.

You have to admit, there's a big difference between Sex and Love Me.

As much as I love to jump around to Love Me (picture me dramatically lip-syncing "YEAH. YEAH. YEAH. no.") Sex bring all the feels (forgive my Millennial slang).

So that's the music aspect. Now on to Matty.

Oh Matty, you tortured soul.

I mean that literally AND sarcastically all at once. I find Healy to be a very interesting person. He's obviously bright and he looks like an emo-punk-rock angel, but I do have a bit of a problem with him at times.

The problem stemmed from interviews of him. Usually, I don't watch interviews of bands I like because I always end up finding something I don't like about them. (No seriously, I purposely avoid band interviews like the plague). But Healy's interviews kept coming into my recommended videos on Youtube for weeks, and since I'm on there so often, I eventually caved.

I really wish I hadn't.

When most fans of Healy (AKA Teenage girls that just like him because they find him cute, not because of the actual music) watch the interviews, they leave comments like "OMG HE'S SO SMART" or "MATTY IS SUCH A GENIUS ❤️❤️", but I was left with a very different opinion.

To me, Matty comes across like he maneuvers around answering questions he doesn't have an answer for. Using big words and lots of them but never truly and solidly answering anything. Like he's really insecure with himself and his own mind. He knows he's smart but he's overcompensating, because he wants so desperately for everyone to think he's an artistic genius.
His opinions and views on things don't come across as well put together or particularly solid, but more like he's struggling to decide for himself whether he actually believes it. He sounds like he's trying to convince himself of a theory he isn't actually sure of. And in doing so, he can end up sounding like a bit of a d-bag sometimes.

The being-a-d-bag-out-of-frustration-with-himself-and-the-world part is what I dislike.

He comes across like he doesn't understand the world and his brain is in a constant spin of confusion, trying to find a logical explanation for everything, but never really being sure of anything he comes up with. It sounds like everything that confuses him really tortures his mind.

But most importantly, he doesn't really understand himself or his place in the world, but instead of trying to know himself, he blames everything around him.

He seems to think highly of himself, yet contain an endless amount of self-doubt at the same time.

Typical Aries.

So I guess the 'gist of all of this is that my problem with The 1975 is that they are so good but Matty doesn't actually believe it. He doesn't believe in himself and he sells-out in ways he doesn't need to.

Everything wrong with the band stems from Healy's faithlessness in himself and everything good with the band stems from his eerily beautiful voice that could be caused by the battles in his own mind. Which I suppose is the sparkly light at the end of the tunnel. For us.

So, in conclusion,

Dear Matthew, 

In order to understand the world, you need to understand yourself.

But then again, what do I know? I'm only seventeen and a half years old.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. I've never been able to get into this band. The chocolate was much to sweet for my tastes. This post makes me want to give them another try.