Saturday, June 25, 2016

Why I Love Tom Odell

Tom Odell. He's so cute and unassuming you wouldn't believe he's just bursting with enormous amounts of unrecognized talent. Why this kid isn't making it in the higher ranks, I'll never understand.

You know how I get p*ssed off about rich kids who make it famous because their parents paid for everything (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, etc etc)?

Well Tom Odell is not one of those kids.

His parents didn't shove a guitar in his hand at birth and ship him off to the most expensive arts school they could find; Odell discovered music on his own volition.

At thirteen years old Tom started writing songs but not sharing them with anyone because he believed that it was "uncool" and by the time he was eighteen decided not to go to the University of York as he had planned and went to a music college in Liverpool.

Constantly wanting to perform, he started attending open mic nights frequently and stated on the subject:

"It was full of humiliation: dragging a keyboard round, turning up to find out I’d been taken off the bill, gangs of lads grabbing the mic off me and laughing... I learnt to perform and learnt what songs work."
But as you can probably assume, Odell kept performing and writing songs.

Now at the age of 25, Odell has released 9 beautiful singles and 2 studio albums with nearly every song composed entirely by himself.

As of late it seems that acoustic-pop has been a fairly female dominated genre, but my favourite singer of this style is without a doubt Odell, due to his naturally awe-striking voice, original material, and his unlikeness to other artists. He has a very innocent, sad, and likeable appearance that is both intriguing and odd in a way.

Also, the music is amazing to me because of how it differs from song to song. No song sounds the same as the last and they all implore feelings of strong emotions and passions that you can just feel through Odell's voice. He sounds like he actually cares about what he's singing about, which is hard to hear in most artists today.

So go check out his stuff and thank me later,


"All my tears have been used up
on another love, another love,
All my tears have been used up"

P.s. He kind of looks like he could be Austin Butler's younger brother, doesn't he?

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