Friday, June 24, 2016

Why You Should Be Listening To FKA Twigs

To a lot of people FKA Twigs is simply known as Robert Pattinson's strange girlfriend. But the real star of this couple is her.

FKA Twigs (real name, Tahliah Debrett Barnett) is a 28 year old Alt R&B singer from Cheltenham, England and she also happens to be one of my favourite artists.

What I love about Twigs is what I look for in everyone I listen to: she's weird, she's different, her music is original, and she can actually sing (like a goddess).

I came across Twigs back around December, when I was trying to convince myself to move back to Mississauga and after hearing her song Two Weeks I decided that I would quit my job two weeks from then, which I did on January 3rd (I wanted to be all dramatic and do it on New Years day but I wasn't working so it didn't work out). It's something I'm really glad I decided to do, so I owe a little bit of that bitten bullet to miss Twigs for giving me a boost.

At the same time I found Two Weeks I also found many of her other songs, most specifically I found Water Me and after the first few seconds I didn't even want to watch the video. I felt like some voodoo sh*t was going to happen or something and it buzzed me the f*ck out, but the song is amazing and the video is actually really freaking cool.

I think FKA Twigs is absolutely amazing. Her voice is incredibly beautiful in a twisted and scary kind of way and her genre is so empowering and magical that it's difficult to describe (technically PBR&B but you know what I mean).

It's pretty worrisome to me that most people aren't familiar with her songs and you don't hear much about her other than when people are discussing Robert Pattinson (Seriously? Twilight is over, can we get past this guy?).

Anyway, my suggestion is to listen to FKA Twigs. Her lyrics are very thought out and unique (always written by herself or herself and one other person) and she isn't afraid to be odd. Her whole look is odd. The golden septum ring, the braids, and the depressive emo-alternative-PBR&B style is mesmerizingly awesome (plus she's super gorgeous).
Besides her look, the music is so cool. She has this higher voice that sounds wicked and the beats she uses are f*cking amazing. Listening to it gives me chills and makes me feel like a depressive evil queen that's about to take on the world.

So go watch some videos and become as big a fan as I am,


P.s. Two Weeks and Water Me are my favourites

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