Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Huge Cosmic: Another Fantastic Mississauga Band

There is a band I would like to share with you all. I took to this band after mere seconds of listening to one of their songs on Bandcamp.

The band is called Huge Cosmic and they seem to be from Clarkson, which as fate would have it, is also my own neighbourhood. Which means that it has taken me far too long to know about them and that will bother me for a very long time.

I think what has immediately drawn me into liking them is their "yeah, we don't give a f*ck" attitude. A trait that I will always praise in bands and artists until the day I die (and people in general if i'm being honest).

I like that they don't appear to be engrossed in a "style", they just look like normal guys. Guys you might see in line at Clarkson Fish & Chips or on the patio at The Pump. I find that to be really cool and it just gives off a genuine vibe. They look like the kind of guys you could easily become friends with.

You wouldn't expect them to be amazingly talented musicians, which almost makes them sound even better in a way.

Onto the music; something very cool about this apparent trio is that the vocals are a joint designation of both Dean Snowball (I love this guys name) who also drums and samples and Jacob Hrajnik who plays guitar and synth.

And it appears that they recently added the member Adrian Mysliwiec who seems to be a smartly placed bass player to the group. Whether or not he joins in on the vocals as well is yet to be clarified to me.

The sound is a mix of experimental, rock, and psychedelic, which is pretty d*mn cool. And honestly, anything that involves a bit of synth I'll usually like.

A nice surprise I found in their music is the occasional pop of emotional rapping, more specifically in the song Zzz. It's like a splash of Twenty One Pilots but with more of a hard-core rock backing that I found really cool and easy to like.

Most importantly, I like the way they mend together. It just sounds right. Like they're supposed to be together making music.
The accumulated sound from the three just morphs into this very chill and psychologically rewarding wave of music that just makes you feel good about yourself and your surroundings somehow. I don't understand how that makes sense, it just does. Take my word for it. (Or not, I couldn't really care less).

There's a kind of beauty I find prominent in it and the collaborative vocals paired with the music just give off emotional yet happy feelings.

Also, they have one music video that I can find and I love it. It shows bits and pieces of the Clarkson area, the Marilyn/Coca-Cola buildings, well known street signs, and other notable places, which I really liked. It gave me incentive to be a fan. Like "hell yeah, these guys are awesome and they're from my neighbourhood, I have to like them". It's like being a fan of a football team because they're from your country (I come from a family of Glaswegian Celtic supporters; hometown pride is a scarily real thing).

Because of the video it makes me want to like them more, which is good marketing and a smart way to gain a following. Using images of their area is a d*mn slick move, and I approve of it greatly (did that rhyme a little bit?).

It's the type of thing that makes you feel proud of your postal code because you're thinking "Look what we've produced!" *gesturing dramatically towards band whilst smiling in enthusiastic pride*

It's kind of like the beginnings of a reincarnated Tragically Hip, AKA the most important Canadian band of all time (if you argue me on this then you have obviously never seen Gord Downie perform live). The feel of the band is very melodic, very likeable, very Canadian, and very smart.

I love it. And so will you.

So go check out their Bandcamp, Youtube, and Spotify.

Manically yours,


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