Wednesday, July 27, 2016

River Groves: Streetsville Band On The Rise

I am really loving this sound.

River Groves, a Streetsville originated band, gives off a kind of mellowed out Muse vibe with an Arctic Monkeys style blunt depression.

I feel like this would be the kind of music that would be used for a vampire fight in a movie.

To more clearly state myself, I think it's really badass. It's clean and empowering and gets your blood pumping in a very killer I'm-a-young-adult-who-giveth-zero-f*cks kind of way.

Kevin Pinto, the lead singer for the group, has an incredibly enticing and slick voice that is very easy to love, whilst the remaining instrumentalists, Al Quinn (Guitarist), Adam Furukawa (Drummer), and Bryan Edwin (Bassist), have a uniquely calm and well put together accumulated sound. Meanwhile, the groups altogether look is very musician-casual, which I really like. Not over the top, but not too little.

Upon watching live video of them on Youtube (like I've said before, I don't get out much) I instantaneously liked them. They have a very authentic feeling, like they're real and are the kind of people you could easily become friends with.
I find that some bands can feel a little detached from the world, which can in turn make the audience feel detached from them.
River Groves does not have that feelings. They have a great vibe happening onstage.

It kind of reminds me of Twenty One Pilots early footage. Just a couple of really likeable guys who want to make music (and happen to be really brilliant at doing it).

So, seeming to play gigs almost every weekend and having some more than stellar songs up for purchase on BandCamp, I'd find it next to impossible for this band not to go far and I'm excited to hear more from them.

Check them out and if you like what you hear, the band is playing a gig alongside a personal favourite of mine, Huge Cosmic, and two other bands in Port Credit, which you can get more information on here.

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(From left to right: Kevin Pinto, Al Quinn, Adam Furukawa, Bryan Edwin)

River Groves Facebook
River Groves BandCamp
River Groves Youtube
River Groves Instagram
DGAW Video Interview

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