Saturday, July 30, 2016

So I Finally Have Something Positive To Say About Kanye West

After all the Yeezy negativity, you would think I'd never have a single compliment for Kanye West.

Alas, I finally have a few compliments for the rapper.

Yesterday Kanye West released a music video for his new song Wolves with the accompaniment of Sia and Vic Mensa.

The first compliment is that Kanye was clever enough to have someone like Sia collaborate on something with him. I mean, couldn't Sia make any song sound amazing? #SiaLoverForLife

That being said, the song itself didn't sound too bad, even when it was Kanyes voice. The song had a slight Weeknd aura to it and it wasn't completely overpowered by his auto-tuned and filtered rapping, which was nice.

My second compliment is that I like the theme of the song, which is basically stating that Kanye and his wife Kim (amongst others) are constantly surrounded by hungry media wolves and they're lucky they have each other. Which is a cool sentiment.

Although, as are all Kanye songs, Wolves was lyrically dry and basic. The depth and meaning was there, but the lyrics didn't portray it fully and a lot of it is the same line repeated multiple times instead of actually taking the time to write out a full song. I understood what he meant, but he could have put a little more effort into the poetry of it. Plus, the lines seem to get progressively more blunt as the song goes on, but I'll overlook it this once (because obviously Kanye West is concerned about my opinion).

"Lost out, beat up

Dancin', down there
I found you, somewhere out
'Round 'round there, right right there
Lost and beat up
Down there, dancin'
I found you, somewhere out
Right down there, right 'round there"

Third and and the most important reason as to why I don't completely hate Kanye West for this song is the visuals that come with the video. I really appreciated them.

The video shows multiple models being picked up from the floor like seriously depressed looking ragdolls (including some Jenners) and having to stand tall and walk forward.

Something I really liked about the start was the solid black and white scheme and the paparazzi cameras flashing lights, it made it more ~dramatic~.

It then shows Kanye, in his Met Gala attire (blue eyes and all) crying as you hear the studio filters he claims to be his voice.
Then proceeding to show Kim in her steely Met Gala dress being pushed around and having people uncomfortably invading her personal space while she's tearing up like her husband.

The video eventually plays footage of the two in their outfits on their way to the Gala, which was kind of interesting to watch. Like "Oh, the outfits were for a video!"

So what I like about it is that I immediately understood what was being portrayed. A feeling of everybody watching you, dictating you and invading your personal space. It's an intense showing of how that can feel. And although I'm not a Kardashian and I certainly don't live in the overtly extravagant Calabasas, I understood. It was kind of sad in a way.

That being said, I don't think I'd be too upset about being in their financial circumstances.

So way to go Kanye, I don't want to slap you today. It's a win for both of us.



(Shoutout to whoever this angel face is ☝️🙌)

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