Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Holy Gasp: A Freaky Yet Insanely Awesome T.O. Band

My first thought was "what the f*ck is happening".

I clicked upon the Bandcamp page of The Holy Gasp expecting yet another Toronto based alternative rock band. Not that there's anything wrong with that (alternative rock is one of my favourite genres), but I wasn't expecting what I got.

Which is best described as musical insanity.

You see, I have different (and weird) reactions to different music. Sometimes I get chills, sometimes I cry a little, and sometimes I just kind of emotionally blank out (as you can tell, I get really into my beats). This was one of those goosebumps-paired-with-watery-eyes moments.

They're f*cking amazing.

A. Maze. Ing.

The music is so incredibly weird and sensibly non-sensible that it's a challenge not to instantly fall in love with everything about it. The lyrics, the music, and most importantly that d*mn voice. Everything is brilliant.

I have to talk more about this guys voice. It's the voice of an afro-cuban pop inclined, lyrical madman with a mild case of schizophrenia.

In other words: incredibly fantastic.

And they sound just as amazing live as they do in-studio. (Take note that I only know this from Youtube videos, due to the fact that cool gigging bars, such as the infamous "Smiling Buddha," don't permit entrance to 17/18 year olds to see the best bands. Thanks guys. You suck.)

The live performances seem to be filled with just as much physical enthusiasm as musical, and that is something to appreciate for certain.

And the music itself is just...crazy. I have no other word. It's. just. crazy.
It's this mixture of afro-cuban, pop, schizophrenic psychedelic-a, and heavy rock, that just kind of implodes itself in your mind like a metaphorical atomic bomb.

And In case you were wondering, the band is made up of Benjamin Hackman (Vocals, Conga), Mr. Professional (Drums), Seb Shinwell (Electric Guitar), Karen Ng (Alto Sax), Joseph Organ (Organ), and Chris Kettlewell (Upright Bassist).

*Note: I'm not 100% sure of each of the following positions of the members due to minimal information on the group itself

So please, do us all a favour and go buy their LP on Bandcamp so that these beautiful creatures keep making music.

Figuratively yours,


The Holy Gasp BandCamp
The Holy Gasp Facebook
The Holy Gasp Instagram

Check out The Holy Gasp at The Rivoli on September 10th!

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