Friday, July 29, 2016

Why Do Gyms Only Play Pop Music?

Look, I get it, okay?

Popular music is the go-to. The easiest choice.

But does it need to be on an infinite, bleeding-ear producing loop?

Honestly, even the die-hard Hotline Bling Army(the one's wearing the black sweaters with that gold owl and a hat that says "6IX" or "416" in big print on the front) must get tired of hearing One Dance for the fiftieth time that day as they try not to flip off their Lids snapback while doing half-assed barbell squats.

And come on, nobody wants to listen to some over produced air-head whispering sexual innuendos alongside the accompaniment of an overused Millennial studio loop a thousand times a day either (*ahem* Demi Lovato *cough*).

I mean, would it kill a b*tch to occasionally change the station to The Edge or Indie88? (Only relevant if you're a GTA resident). 

Those stations play fantastic music like Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz, Nathaniel Rateliff, Arkells, RHCP, July Talk, The Strumbellas, Foo Fighters, Kaleo, Beck, USS, Bastille, Cold War Kids, The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, and of course, The Tragically Hip.

Most people enjoy these bands and would probably appreciate the occasional switch up from Can't Stop The Feeling.

I swear to God, the next time I hear "I GOT THIS FEELIN'! INSIDE MY BONES! IT GOES ELECTRIC, WAVEY WHEN I TURN IT ON!" I will unintentionally sprint into the nearest wall.

So, not to say gyms should never play from the hottest singles charts as well, but hipsters and music enthusiasts can be gym rats too, and we'd appreciate some musical diversity.

Everyone would.

Nobody wants the same 10 songs repeated 800 times a workout.

Yours exasperatedly,


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