Friday, August 19, 2016

Have You Been Blessed With Kaleo Yet?

Do you ever listen to a song and it just brings you to such an emotional level that your eyes start tearing up?

You can't even prevent it, your entire being is just telling you "YOU NEED TO CRY RIGHT NOW" and you can't stop it because the song is just too extrordinary?

Well it looks like I'm crying in Tim Hortons right now.

Over the last few weeks a particular song has been trending in the alternative charts, and I have been completely in love with it since the day it started playing on radio stations.

Just now I was downloading it and once again my tears got the best of me, because I'm a marshmallow. #MarshmallowHeartForever

The song I'm referring to is Way Down We Go by Icelandic band, Kaleo.

Jökull Júlíusson's intensely mesmerizing vocals are something to worship over and I absolutely love it to death. It's like a combination of Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Chet Faker, and an actual angel. 
It's such a distressed, broken sounding voice that you can't just listen to casually. It's the type of song you have to sit and listen to. You know?

So I urge you to go try some Kaleo, you won't regret it.



P.s. Listen to Way Down We Go and All The Pretty Girls

Jökull is so cute ❤️

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