Saturday, August 6, 2016

Song Haul Of The Week #1

So I'm thinking of doing a new featured post series for the blog where I post a list of songs I discovered within the last week. Sound good? Cool.

And here we go.

1) Wakey Wakey - Heartbroke (Overreactivist)

There's something about the accumulation of violin, intense lyrics, and this guys voice that's just really beautiful.

First Thought: "Probably not gonna like this."
Vibe: Intense, Inspirational, Sad,
Similar To: Snow Patrol, The Veils, Two Door Cinema Club,
Note: Super weird too, which is awesome.

2) Nothing But Thieves - Lover, Please Stay

This song literally kills me. To the point of tears. Beyond words.

First Thought: "Oo the blond guy is so cute."
Vibe: Tear-Inducing, Soulful, Beautiful, Sad
Similar To: The Neighbourhood, The Vaccines, Editors, Mutemath
Note: Sam Smith who? 

3) Editors - No Harm

They've definitely got a New Wave thing going on here that I really like and this song is really intense.

First Thought: "Is that Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210?"
Vibe: Intense, European, Ambience
Similar To: Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys
Note: He better be singing to Kelly because I've been done with Brenda's sh*t since season one.

4) LP - Lost On You

This girls voice is f*cking spectacular. I get chills. (Also see the live versions of Strange and Muddy Waters)

First Thought: "She's ruining her Tyler Joseph kimono- OH MY F*CKING GOD IS THAT BOB DYLAN?"
Vibe: Rhythmic, Twangy, Edgy,
Similar To: Bob Dylan, The Lumineers, X Ambassadors
Note: Digging the earring girl.

5) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities

To be fair, I obviously heard this song the day it came out (RHCP #1 Fan over here), but I hadn't seen the video until yesterday. It's brilliant. The song's brilliant. I shouldn't need to tell you that. 

First Thought: "Oh f*ck, this'll be good."
Note: These guys would be the coolest f*ckers to hang out with.


Technically I knew this song for a little while now as well, but hey, this is the first weekly song haul, so we gotta catch up a bit.
I adore this song. It's Dream Pop sadness with this slight twinge of solitary pissy-ness that I relate to on the deepest of levels. Maybe it's my mutual emotions or just the plain catchiness of it, but something about this song sticks.

First Thought: "I love you."
Vibe: Loneliness, Confusion, Up-Tempo, Electronic, Synth
Similar To: The 1975, Troye Sivan, Years & Years
Note: Paul Klein is beautiful.

So there you go guys, enjoy my awesome taste in music (no shame, I'm aware).



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