Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Dreamboats: Mississauga Time Travellers

Amidst attempting to find a specific band in the area, I accidentally happened upon The Dreamboats. 

Are they kind of fantastic? 




What initially got me interested was that their genre was listed as Retro Rock N Roll. I mean, how many bands in the area are doing Retro Rock N Roll?

And not only are they doing a pretty badass genre, but they sound amazing doing it. Absolutely fantastic.
It sounds like a genuine retro band, similar to Paul Revere And The Raiders or The Crickets but with  their own edgier spin and tons of energy. The energy is through the roof. 

Their music inspires exactly what you would want it to: upbeat happiness and fun.

I love these guys, I really do.

Not to mention the vibe of the group is absolutely adorable, like how you would expect a band from the 50s or 60s to be. 

Consisting of Sir Ritchie Hummins, Fliggers B Lewis, Johnny "G. Whiz" Fiaccones, and "The Prodfather" Matt Best, even their names sound like a throwback. I love it. 

And the best part of course, is them being straight up Mississauga natives. #MississaugaPrideAF

So check them out and get your swing' on,

Yours retrogressively,


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