Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why I Listen To Modern Pop Music

You're probably thinking "What?! You, Chelsea Charles, like generic pop bullsh*t?"

And my response to this is yes. Yes I do.

Anyone who reads my blog or knows me personally knows that I lean towards the alternative, indie, rock, ambient, new wave, folk rock and punk sides of music, which, for the most part, is true.

But I do have my moments where I will happily sing along with crappy, auto-tuned, modern pop icons.

I have my moments where I will *gasp* play the Billboard 100 playlist on Spotify.

My reasoning for this is simple: sometimes your mind needs a break from the emotional complexity of good music.

Sometimes you just need to let your thoughts breathe and spastically dance to poetically nullified pop so that you can not only let yourself loose a little, but also learn to appreciate good music even more.

You can't just have a constant stream of poetic genius, right? Wouldn't that f*ck with your head just a little?

It's kind of like food (I always use food as a metaphor, you probably think I'm 300 pounds by now).

As a music junkie, you have to think of pop music like junk food.

Being the type of person who eats McDonalds (bad music) every day is obviously very bad for you and eventually you'll start to feel incredibly sick of it and you won't really know why because you don't know of anything else.

But if you eat healthy, good food every day (good music) you'll feel healthy, but start to get sick of that too. It's not bad for your body (in a music case, your mind) but you get bored because a lack of assortment is enough to ruin anybody's taste in anything.

So the perfect balance would be to eat healthy on a normal basis and every so often you indulge in a giant 700 calorie McDonalds Big Mac meal because you need that little bit of diversity and gross, greasiness to really appreciate the good stuff.  You need to learn how to enjoy the grotesqueness of a greasy Big Mac every so often so that your body doesn't get plateaued to chicken breasts and walnut salads, and can reap the full benefits of those healthy and delicious foods (choice of healthy food differs from person to person, just like choice of good music differs from person to person).

So there you have it. This is why I like to have a gross fast food burger in between all of my health-conscious superfoods.

Sometimes you have to enjoy intermittent Hotline Bling's between all of the Holding Onto You's.

Sincerely yours,


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