Friday, September 30, 2016

Is Niall Horan Using A Voice Double?

Okay. I know that as someone who's life revolves around music, I should be used to hearing voices that can seem quite different than the physical appearance of the singer. But this is a little too strange in my eyes.

Yesterday, Niall Horan (AKA Probably the most likeable of the most irritating band since N'SYNC), released his first solo single, This Town, under the wing of prominent recording company, Capitol Records.

Of course, the only reason I found out about this was through a BuzzFeed post titled "Ring The Alarms, Niall Horan Just Released His First Solo Single", and I, being the type of person who loves to hate on everything, decided to listen to it.

As soon as the voice came in, my face contorted into sheer confusion. Now, hear me out, I have never actually listened to an entire One Direction song voluntarily, and if I have heard a whole song it was most likely in a restaurant or store, in which case, I would not be paying attention. Therefore, I'm not the first person one would ask to judge the authenticity of one of the Directioners voices.

But this seems off.

The first thing that popped into my head was that it sounded similar to Shawn Mendes. As in, if Shawn Mendes had a little brother who was signed to Capitol Records, this would be what the first solo would sound like.
It has this strange highness to it that one wouldn't expect from a 20-something man. And the way the voice sounded just didn't match his features. It looked wrong coming out of him, like how a little girl with Gerard Butlers voice would look. just... Wrong.

But that isn't the only reason I'm confused.

It occurred to me that Niall Horan is supposedly a straight-off-the-boat, Guinness drinking, potato-loving, green-white-&-gold, Irishman, with a thicker-than-molasses accent, so I decided to check for myself. You can hear his voice here.

It's odd, considering the voice I hear singing This Town sounds quite strongly American, or better yet Canadian considering my first comparison was Shawn Mendes. And by this I mean, there's no accent remotely detectable.

And coming from a girl with half of her family straight-off-the-boat from Glasgow, I like to think I detect accents fairly well.

I mean, you could argue that maybe his singing voice just sounds strongly different from his talking voice, but I would have a lot of arguments against it.

My arguments being the likes of Bono, Dave Gahan, and Morrissey; all good examples of accents coming through blatantly in their music, which can be heard in songs such as Sunday Bloody Sunday, Enjoy The Silence, and Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, respectively.

(Yes, I am entirely aware that Dave Gahan and Morrisey are English; don't be a smartass)

So my question is: How real is Niall Horan's voice?

My theories range from extreme auto-tuning, way too much time spent in Las Vegas, or a possible voice double.

Or maybe, as a founding member of the Anti-One-Direction CorporationTM, I'm not one to have a valid opinion. How should I know?

What I can tell you for certain though, is that I don't hate the song nearly as much as *other* One Direction members singles (yeah, fuck you Zayn Malik). It's actually not bad if you close your eyes as to not acknowledge who's singing it.



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