Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review: Justin Biebers Recent Appearance On BBC Live Lounge

I have to be honest; I went into this fully expecting to think "Hey, he's actually not terrible".

I don't know what gave me that impression, but was it valid?

No. Not at all.

Maybe it's been the ways of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke that have altered my expectations. Somehow artists tend to always do better than I expected them to with Corden, so why wouldn't I give Bieber the same benefit of the doubt?

But no, I was left with all the disappointment I was left with when he won Best New Artist at MTV for the infamous waste of musical equipment that was Baby.

One swoop over the comments should have been enough. A distinct split of two types of people: The limitless list of people born before 1995 stating how utterly depressing the performance was and the even more limitless list of young girls leaving heart-eyes emojis and tagging their "besties" alongside comments like "My babe 😍" or "Look at my future husband 😍😍".

Really? Are you deaf?

The best way I can describe it is like taking a bunch of your friends out drinking and one guy who's never sang before gets up to do karaoke and he's not terrible. Like he's trying really hard. Of course, his voice cracks a little and he's shaky as f*ck but you all clap at the end because at least he tried.

That's Justin Bieber.

(I feel like I've used this metaphor before).

Yes, of course he used the "I was nervous" card. And why shouldn't we believe him right? I mean, the guy has only been performing live in front of thousands of people at a time for seven solid years; how could we expect him to be comfortable singing in front of a camera in a lounge with the same guitarist he's had alongside him for years?

It pains me to the highest degree that someone of this limited skill level is making millions of dollars off (let's face it) just his face and photoshopped abs.

Especially when there are people like Paloma Faith, Chet Faker, or LP who are probably making less than a quarter of what he is, alongside next to not nearly enough recognition.

Justin Bieber had a decent voice when he was a kid, you know? He could play a guitar, he had a cute face, and he could sing reasonably well in his little Mickey voice; but any talent a child version of Bieber had is done and dusted and we're left with a douchey blonde pop-star, soon to be semi-forgotten until the next generations version of how we share Buzzfeed posts about N'SYNC and NKOTB.

When does talent get a chance in the light? Because I'd sure as hell like to see it before I die.

Inconsistently Yours,


P.s. Watch his performance here

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