Saturday, September 17, 2016

Who You Should Be Listening To: Two Door Cinema Club

It would seem that I have disappeared for more than a few days; so anyone reading quite obviously deserves an explanation.

What is it you ask?

I don't have one.

My urge to write is either stronger than my urge to breathe or it isn't there at all. I was experiencing the latter.

But here I am once again, because lets face it: I could never quit this beautiful hobby of mine. My true love in the form of what is essentially a virtual series of angry music-themed journal entires.

And today I'd like to talk about the Irish band, Two Door Cinema Club. I've been putting it off because I just love them so much.
The feeling is similar to how painters don't like people seeing their work before it's done. I wanted to be completely and fully engrossed in my Alex Trimble fascination before I wrote about it.

At first glance you'd think "eh, they don't look like much". Luckily for me, I listened to the music before actually seeing the group, which is quite honestly the absolute best way to find a new artist/band. Hearing the music without the subliminal effects of the groups appearance or public image altering your opinion is the best way to find a band because you base your opinion solely on the music.

But my favourite part of not seeing the artists first, is when after you've listened to every song you can find, you get to learn about them with an already instilled appreciation for who they are.
And a small thing I found pretty awesome about Two Door Cinema Club is that the first time they performed in a competition they got last place.

Last place.

I f*cking love it.

Do you ever notice how often you hear that this kind of thing happened to a successful artist?

Take Lauryn Hill for example, who was literally booed off stage at the Apollo when she was 13, and then proceeded to become, in my opinion, one of the greatest female rappers of all time, alongside being an irreplaceable singing icon, with songs like Killing Me Softly and Ready Or Not.

I love when there's a story of how they weren't liked at the beginning of their career, or how nobody took them seriously. It's just amazing hearing about people becoming successful even when it seemed like fate was occasionally against them.

So, further on with TDCC; They're amazing. Trimble's voice is just so vulnerable and downcast in such a relatable way that I can't get enough of it. It isn't my typical dreary-as-f*ck sad music (*cough* Cigarettes After Sex) because the music itself is upbeat and intense Alt-Rock, while it still has that pairing of a beautiful happy-sad voice that I crave like a PMS-ing teenage girl craves double chocolate cake.

So check them out and share the love with me. I'd like to know that there are other optimistic pessimists out there who enjoy this band as much as I do.



P.s. Remember, if you ever get booed off stage or come in last place, you just might be on the right path. 

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