Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why I Love M83

I think one of my favourite things about music is that it can convey emotions so perfectly, even without words.

Like how M83 just imposes such strong emotional gravity with limited vocals, if any. Midnight City for example, basically repeats the same line repetitively for four minutes, but you feel something. You feel more vibrant somehow.

Anthony Gonzalez (the frontman) doesn't have a blow-your-mind out-of-this-galaxy voice; albeit, what he lacks in astounding vocals, he does have in emotion and intelligence, meaning he knows how to make his voice work by making the music so powerful.

This type of music isn't something you listen to on repeat everyday, but what I love about it so much is that it's the kind of stuff you can listen to when you have no words. The music you can listen to when you are either so drained you can't speak or so bursting with emotion that you can't find the words to express it; Or it could be a matter of your thoughts. Maybe you're so over compressed with thoughts that you don't want to process anything else.

It can be something you listen to when you're so happy, you don't need words.

It's a voiceless (and in M83's case; faceless) empowerment that I think is very under appreciated. And very necessary in your life.

So in case you're feeling any of those ways today, I'd suggest adding M83 songs, Wait, Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun, Midnight City, By The Kiss, and Starwaves to your playlist.

Maybe it's just the kind of music you need to create your own meaning. A meaning that other songs don't quite get right.

Whether it be happy, sad, angry, or a little bit of all three.



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