Wednesday, November 2, 2016

LANY & Transviolet: The Kinda Tour: Mod Club Toronto REVIEW

Is she back? Is she really?

Fortunately yes, but I could be gone without a single remote squeak for three months after this, or continue to write eighty posts within the next few days. Who really knows?

I mean, I should know, but lets face it, my presence is so up in the air most of the time that I don't even know where I'll be in the next thirty minutes, much less tomorrow.

But I finally have something interesting to write about once more.

This past Sunday I went to see LANY and a new LA based band named Transviolet.

I was very excited to see LANY. Although, I didn't realize Transviolet was a band, I assumed it was the name of the tour, so I was surprised when they started opening the show.

The quick summary? I wasn't thrilled.

It started with the instrumentalists of the band playing a rather ambient electronic sound, followed by a petite girl with white-blonde curls jumping out and dancing in a, what I thought, was a rather forcefully weird way. That way that singers dance when they're trying to prove that they're weird and unique and different.

This didn't bother me. Much.

(it did).

I mean, it seems unnecessary. It seems forced. But, the brainless, tumblrized teeny boppers that filled the Mod Club seemed to think it was the best thing in the world, so I guess that was the goal, right?

But what did bother me a lot, more than anything, was when I started to realize her lips weren't quite on point with the lyrics. I immediately assumed I must be seeing things, being the critical person that I am, but when my concert buddy (Also known as "Mom") turned to me and said she thought the singer was lip-syncing, I realized I wasn't just imagining it.

Really? You get a chance to perform at the Mod Club and you lip-sync?

After this realization I started really noticing how too perfect and studio-quality the vocals sounded. I noticed how the guitarists back up singing seemed to drone on a little bit longer than how long they held their mouths open. I noticed how the lead singers echoes kept echoing as she left the mic to jump around like a spaz some more.

There are so many things I could say this band needs to do. How they need to tone down the echoes, how they need to stop trying too hard to be weird, or how they need songs that don't all sound exactly the same. But that would take far, far too long.

The positive was that for the most part, I enjoyed how heavy the music felt throughout the venue and they had two or three good songs. Songs that I'll probably download. They seem to have the right idea, as they've targeted a market that works well with kids who like artists similar to Halsey or Troye Sivan.

But are they special? Are they worth a raving review? Did they give me chills?


LANY was probably more enjoyable for me, simply because I already like them and Paul Klein wasn't lip-syncing. He was enigmatic and handled the stage well, but his voice wasn't awe-striking. I enjoyed the songs, even though a lot were similar to each other, and I liked how very genuine Paul seemed, as opposed to trying too hard.

But both bands were missing that specialness. That originality that so few possess. But, not everyone can be a Michael Jackson, or a Kurt Cobain.

That being said, I can see LANY developing into a much bigger fanbase. They have the potential to be widely known, and hopefully they will be.

So, was it worth the two $18 tickets?


Would I pay more for it?

Probably not.

On the plus side, the Hogtown Pub & Oysters dinner we had afterwords was well worth the trip to T.O.



P.s. Second post detailing the crowd will be posted soon after this one.

P.p.s. Love you Paul

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