Saturday, December 10, 2016

Elysian City's Alternative Christmas Playlist

I've gotta' face the music here everyone (bad pun). It's Christmas time, and just as anyone else with an ounce of sanity is, I'm freaking the fuck out.

Maybe it's the endless list of people you have to buy age appropriate, relationship appropriate, expense appropriate gifts for, maybe it's the endless tidying to keep the Christmas decorations looking festive, or maybe it's the horrific anticipation of the dreaded, and inevitable family dinner.

Whatever it is, it fucking sucks.

I mean jeez, can't we just spend time with the people we care about and enjoy a few days off work?

Why does December have to be an entire month of constant gut-churning panic?

I don't have an answer for you.

I do however, have a playlist for you.

Because hey, we need to get some enjoyment out of this. And I'm sure you, like everyone else, is sick of hearing either the typical Christmas classics (Que. "Santa Baby") or Ariana Grande's lame excuse to make some cash off of a holiday she doesn't even celebrate.

And without further adieu (even though I know you love listening to me rant), here's a playlist of alternative songs for Christmas time.

So there ya' go. Have fun listening to something other than Mariah Carey this season.

God bless Brandon Flowers.



You can listen to the Youtube playlist HERE


You can listen to the Spotify playlist HERE

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