Friday, December 2, 2016

Jammer's Waffle House: New Album Release & Review

Recently I discovered a band under the name of Jammer's Waffle House.

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the music is just as brilliant as the name.

You know how sometimes you find a band and it takes you a few tries of different songs to decide whether or not you like them? You're thinking "eh, well I'll try one more I guess."

Well this is not that kind of band. I loved them immediately.

I am truly surprised that I hadn't heard of them sooner considering how f*cking brilliant it is.

Jammer's Waffle house is a Mississauga based indie pop rock group consisting of Matt Hinojosa (lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, bass), Caymen Vieira (drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals), David Lopez (bass guitar), and Eve Weiss (keyboards, backing vocals), and has performed in venues and events such as:

Hershey Centre
The Opera House
Sound Academy
Canada's Wonderland
Southside Shuffle Blues Fest
Night It Up
Big On Bloor
Canada Day in Port Credit & Klienburg
North York Festival
Celebration Square 

And have been featured on SIRUS XM's 25th Anniversary Humble And Fred radio broadcast.

Together this band has created a magnificent combination of boldness, integrity, and engaging personality, which is evident through their impressive accreditations and media support.

I was caught off guard by how much I loved Hinojosa's vocals. The best way I can describe it is it gives a happy-angry-intense 2005 vibe, with all of the upbeat, charismatic slyness of the lead singer of an 80s pop rock group. A voice that has a definite pull to it that draws you in and makes it difficult to stop listening.

I love it.

Not to mention the music altogether is impeccably original and greatly diverse, which I appreciate. I can't f*cking stand listening to a bands album and not being able to tell the difference between the first song and the last.
And Jammer's Waffle House is quite clearly made up of some very talented instrumentalists, creating an incredibly smooth finished sound.

The band has just released their second studio album entitled All At Once (the former album being Sandcastle In The Rain), which gives a manifold of ten brilliant songs that you should already be listening to as we speak (why are you still on my blog?).

The vibes I take away from it are that of a group who would have made an appearance on The O.C. back when that was still a thing (For the love of f*cking Jesus Ryan, stop punching people).

With that said, I'd say if you love yourself some Death Cab For Cutie or Modest Mouse, you'll definitely love this band (and who doesn't love Death Cab For Cutie?).

So I greatly recommend all of you to check out this astounding band and you may send me a Thank You card later (gift cards are appreciated as well),



P.s. My favourite songs are Giving Up On Love, Zombie Girlfriend, and Fool In Love.


(From left to right: Caymen Vieira, Matt Hinojosa, Eve Weiss, David Lopez)