Thursday, December 1, 2016

The 1975 Toronto Show Review

A little over a month ago (November 3) I attended The 1975 concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Why am I posting about it now?

Well because I'm a procrastinating pain in the ass, that's why.

Alas, lemme' tell ya' something; This concert was astounding.

It was absolutely amazing, and nearly on a par with the Twenty One Pilots show during the summer at Molsen Amphitheatre. (I'm tempted to say "on a par" but TØP won best live performers this year, and you can't really argue with that).

Matthew Healy was incredibly charismatic and humorous with his drunken-style antics and inappropriate comments. From speaking of the song Antichrist in which he stated "This song is about Jesus!... *applause* ... a slippery motherf*cker" to stopping his vocals to look at the crowd and say "F*ck me...", Healy was the epitome of entertainment.

Often times the vocals are not as good live, which is something in this era of auto-tune we've learned to accept. And although Healy's voice may be an acquired taste, I loved it. The slight cracks, the vibrato, the misspoken lyrics. It sounded beautiful.

Not to mention the best portrayed 80s vibe I've ever witnessed.

And one of the best parts of the show was when Matty asked the crowd if he could bring out a camera and have us all sing Happy Birthday to his granddad Vin, back in Manchester.

But of course, my favourite part was the song Loving Someone, as the entire crowd created a unity of this choir-like sound, singing "Yeah you should be loving someone... Oh, oh, loving someone" in an awe-inspiring loop.

That is something I'll never forget, it was such a mesmerizing moment and brought the entire crowd together. Gorgeous.

Although, I do have to make my negative comments. Which would be A) I could've used far less IPhone light in my face from teenage girls Snapchatting and B) I was very concerned at the fact that every single person in the crowd was a teenager wearing black ripped jeans paired with a leather jacket, aside from myself.

Did I not get the dress code E-Mail or something?

At any rate, grab yourself some The 1975 tickets guys, you won't regret it.



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