Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why I Love The Drums (The Indie Pop Band, Not The Instrument)

Do you like synthy, 80s themed, happy-sad, British-sounding bands?

Well then I have just the thing for you.

Emanating The Smiths and/or The Cure vibes, The Drums is one of my new favourite bands.

Fronted by the enigmatic and charismatic Jonny Pierce, The Drums is an Indie Pop band originating in Brooklyn, and they are fantastical.

With the upbeat resonating sounds of Jacob Graham's synthesizer, Adam Kessler's cheeky electric guitar (up until late 2010), Connor Hanwick's sanguine drums (Until 2014), and Pierce's mysteriously Morrisey styled vocals, the group encompasses the most joyful expressions of sadness and misery.

(Ironically, still called The Drums, the band no longer has a drummer or guitarist as of 2016)

The best way I can describe them are as an artist's artists. And by that, I mean you probably require a background in heavy music listening to truly appreciate it; otherwise it may just sound like a mash of synthesizer modes and incomprehensible lyrics.

I'm really pitching this great, aren't I?

So, I truly hope you can enjoy this band as much as I do, because I'm becoming quite addicted.

The first song I recommend listening to is Best Friend. By far my favourite, Best Friend is not only a perfect description of everything I admire in the band, but is also accompanied by one of my favourite music videos of all time, distinctly just for it's sheer lovability and quirkiness.

The Drums - Best Friend

Other songs I'd recommend trying are Money, I Need A Doctor, Days, and Down By The Water.

Down By The Water was the first song I tried, and to my fault, my conclusion was that they were actually an 80s band. It certainly made me love them.

So enjoy your new band recommendation. More so for me than you, I don't want to think I'm the only person listening to this depressing sh*t at 3am.



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