Monday, May 22, 2017

EricArthurBlair's New Self-Titled Album Release

I don't know how many of you will remember, but when I started this blog my only intentions were to write about obscure cult-followed bands (I.E. Future Islands, Two Door Cinema Club, etc); the majority being from the States and the UK.

But a little along the way I found myself introduced to an absolutely fantastical local band that inevitably inspired me to transition into also blogging about local artists in Mississauga and the GTA. 

That band was EricArthurBlair.

Now, EricArthurBlair has returned with an outstanding roster of ten new songs on their latest self-titled album release.

Featuring amazing tracks, such as: Cauterize, Tomorrow Love Today, and Delicate, this new album is pretty fucking awesome, and EricArthurBlair still remains one of my undeniably favourite GTA bands, for their distinct and unique sound that you really can't quite get anywhere else.
I find that the difficulty to create and maintain an unmistakable personal sound is so eminent that bands very rarely manage to do it anymore, but here we are.

Deriving the best of alternative pop punk, if you're a fan of fast tempos, some cryptic lyrics, badass guitar, immense drums, and charismatic vocals, then this album will be a profusion of all you're greatest imaginations. 

So go check out EricArthurBlair on Bandcamp and send me one of those thank you cards later. 

You know, after you're done listening to some cool-as-fuck music.



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