Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Having Writers Block: An Anti-Uplifting Blog Post

I seem to have hit a productivity block, that has obstructed my creativity for weeks on end.

Not only have I not had the ability to write anything for this blog, but I've also been temporarily robbed of any musical inspiration I could have.

My days mainly consist of working on garageband for a few hours, screaming in frustration, the occasional tear, eating mac and cheese out of the pot, feeling like a pig, and then feeling sorry for myself. Yes, in that order. (Currently on the mac and cheese phase, as I type).

I don't really understand how it happens, and I don't really care to know why. All I want is for my brain to stop converting into the IQ level of Karen Smith every fucking time I plug in a keyboard or bring up a blank document.

And along with this lack of productivity, I have increasingly felt more useless every single day. For me, there's something about going weeks without writing anything that makes me feel like everything I do is absolutely pointless. Because, what good am I to anybody if I can't do the only things I'm relatively good at? (I could go into further detail about all the new ways I've learned to hate myself through this block, but nobody really wants to listen to that).

Yes, I'm being very melodramatic, and I'm fully aware of that. But everyone's allowed to be self-absorbed sometimes, okay?

In all honesty, I'll probably have something notable up on youtube in a couple weeks, I just figured I'd let everyone know that I am dealing with a moderate case of writers block, most likely due to a subconscious need to be dramatic. All the fucking time.

In conclusion, I hope you have a lovely, much more rewarding day, than mine.



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